Government Loans available with scores as low as 550.                                        

Our In house Financing is provided by Hamilton Group Funding which is a direct lender which specializes in residential loan products such as FHA ,VA, and conventional loans.  Clients who use us both for financing, and for their purchase, are provided with interest rates mush lower than what is found in the standard retail market. In addition, we also provide a rebate of up to $2,000 when you buy and finance through Capital Realty SFL and Hamilton Group which allows for much lower closing costs than the standards that is found in the industry. Borrowers will also benefit from our quick service. Loan approval process normally takes about 24 hours. We can provide DU approvals within 24 hours of receipt of all required documents, and underwritten approvals within 7 business days or less.Below you will find some of the benefits our staff can provide:

  • Government loans with scores as low as 550
  • First Time Home Buyer program which allows for lower payments and approvals for higher loan amounts
  • Government and Conventional loans with high debt to income ratios
  • Competitive Rates
  • Ability to approve clients for more than most lenders
  • Ability to help improve credit scores
  • Lower closing costs than most lenders
  • 100% financing through VA
  • No costs to apply 

 To get started, simply select the link below or contact us directly at (954)600-2285.  Please ask for  Jennifer Rhenals

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